The First Game Launches on Rangers Mainnet, Ecosystem Tools Utilized at Their Most

The First Game Launches on Rangers Mainnet, Ecosystem Tools Utilized at Their Most

Rangers Protocol is excitedly expecting its first decentralized application DeHeroGame to be officially launched on Rangers Mainnet, poised to further promote the development of Web3 games while taking staking card games to a whole new level.

As a dedicated Web3 Engine infrastructure, Rangers Protocol is committed to building a promising Web3 future for the masses. Primarily focusing on Web3 games, Rangers Protocol is passionate about channeling players to quality Web3 games and creating a Web2-friendly environment for more traditional users to on-ramp Web3. Now with the upcoming DeHeroGame, the first-ever gaming application to be officially launched on Rangers Mainnet, Rangers Protocol is stepping closer to its goal.

A GameFi 2.0 Pioneer

DeHeroGame is the iteration of DeHero, a BNB-based GameFi 1.0 application that innovated the concept of Staking Card Game and achieved great success among Web3 gamers, ranking top2 of all blockchain games with 3,000 daily active addresses and $2,400,000 peak daily transaction value.

Based on the NFT TCG genre and the multi-universe worldview from DeHero, DeHeroGame heads for stronger playability through its various PVE dungeon challenges, opening up an NFT adventure where players unite heroes from parallel time-spaces, discover the truth behind colliding boundaries, and restore peace in the universe.

Following its beta test on RobinTestnet and technical test on Rangers Protocol mainnet last summer, DeHeroGame underwent rounds of upgrades and is ready to pioneer GameFi 2.0 with cross-chain interoperability and low entry threshold as well by fully utilizing the solid technical support from Rangers Protocol.

All-Around Technical Support

DeHeroGame is now scheduled for release in a week on Rangers Mainnet. Leveraging Rangers Mainnet and other valuable Rangers Protocol ecosystem tools, DeHeroGame can easily provide players with the seamless gaming experience, secure asset cross-chain, and Web2-friendly on-ramp solution that it aims to deliver.

Seamless gaming

Rangers Mainnet is a high-performance blockchain that supports complex applications. Integrated with an efficient VRF+BLS consensus mechanism, it can solve the problem of high-frequency trading through real-time confirmation and reduce the possibility of network congestion and usage costs. DeHeroGame, with all its in-game assets, activities, and logics on chain, is making the most of Rangers Mainnet to provide players with seamless gaming experience.


Rangers Bridge is a cross-chain solution under Rangers Protocol, functioning primarily for securing asset cross-chain and interconnecting various public chains for users. With Rangers Bridge, DeHero players can now transfer their NFT hero cards from the BNB Smart Chain to Rangers Mainnet to attain new ones for DeHeroGame, hence adding liquidity to their DeHero assets and lowering the threshold to enter DeHeroGame.

Low Entry Threshold

UniPass is a non-custodial wallet that supports email registration and social recovery. The strategic partnership between Unipass and Rangers Protocol allows DeHeroGame to be integrated with Unipass, thus being able to greatly lower the entry threshold for Web2 players. Simply by signing in with an email address and generating a non-custodial wallet, players will have a secure, convenient, low-cost wallet experience while enjoying the game.

DeHeroGame will be meeting you soon. Please stay tuned and be the first to explore the game!

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is the backbone of a Web3 engine for creating immersive Web3 applications. It minimizes the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximizes the user experience of its Web3 applications. Rangers Protocol provides comprehensive infrastructures for efficient complex-app development, successful cross-chain and mass distribution, diverse in-app NFT and DeFi features, and more. Through its full EVM compatibility, strategic industry partnerships, and curated all-in-one IDE, Rangers Protocol supports AAA and indie developers to succeed in the Web3 world.

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