Rangers Protocol Technical Progress in May 2023

Rangers Protocol Technical Progress in May 2023

Rangers Protocol has continued to operate steadily. In this month, the team focused on updating and fixing the mainnet, as well as developing products for the sub-chains. A total of 42.7 million blocks were generated.

Rangers Mainnet

1. The Mainnet operates smoothly, with a total of 42.7 million blocks produced.

2. Updates and Fixes:

→ The main chain architecture has been optimized, including adding a transaction message caching mechanism to alleviate network packet fluctuations during miner version upgrades. This update has been implemented on the Robin testnet and will be applied to the Mainnet in June.

Rangers Connector

1. The economic model for Rangers Connector is currently being determined, with 30% progress.

2. The governance proposal for Rangers Connector is being finalized, with 80% progress.

3. The replacement of the relay chain system is at 5% progress.

Rangers Sub-chain

1. The economic model for the sub-chains is at 30% progress.

→ Discussions on RPG staking and subsequent commercial processes have been completed, and development is in progress with 50% completion.

→ The development of the sub-chain life-cycle management contract is at 10% progress.

→ The addition of cross-chain configuration backend has been completed, reaching 100% progress.

Rangers Scan Data Service Features

The development of the features has been completed and accepted. New feature requirements are being scheduled.

1. Data service has added data caching to reduce database query pressure and improve query speed, reaching 100% progress.

2. SQL queries in the data service have been optimized to reduce database query pressure, reaching 100% progress.

3. Data service has migrated the database to a cloud database to enhance data security, reaching 100% progress.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is the backbone of a Web3 engine for creating immersive Web3 applications. It minimizes the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximizes the user experience of its Web3 applications. Rangers Protocol provides comprehensive infrastructures for efficient complex-app development, successful cross-chain and mass distribution, diverse in-app NFT and DeFi features, and more. Through its full EVM compatibility, strategic industry partnerships, and curated all-in-one IDE, Rangers Protocol supports AAA and indie developers to succeed in the Web3 world.

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